The Vaccine is a simple new physics-based thought experiment that expands your mind into a perspective where you and everything around you will suddenly make sense.

The Vaccine For Life

by Vaughn

The Quick-Start-Up-Guide, the basic instructions we get when we buy a new electronic gizmo - they’re great, aren’t they?

Our busy lives don’t afford us the time to have a comprehensive knowledge of how these complicated machines and devices work, we just need to know which buttons to press in order to make them work. The rest we take for granted.

We take stuff for granted in the natural world too – important stuff.

Every day the sun gives us the light our lives depend upon, yet we take for granted the nuclear furnace that creates it and the action that keeps us in its orbit.

As long as the sun rises, the toast pops up and we get our emails - we take them for granted.

Somewhere there’s a boffin who knows how these things work. So it’s OK, we don’t need to know.

The same principle applies to complicated physics theories - Quantum Mechanics, Relativity, and The Laws of Thermodynamics.

Einstein and his contemporaries figured out the fine detail of theories that tell us that the Universe has a wonderful mind-expanding new dimension … but they forgot to include the Quick-Start-Up-Guide of how to get there! … So here it is !

Psychology by Vaughn


You, as is everything in the Universe, are constructed of matter: elements from the periodic table - electrons, protons and neutrons. In short, you’re made of vibrating particles.

We appear solid but most of what we are is empty space.

I want you to imagine that every particle in your body is vibrating. Faster and faster they vibrate, on and on you go until you’re vibrating at the same speed as the light that’s illuminating everything … everything around you, time and space, have become frozen.

Airplanes and birds just hang there in the sky.

It’s the same principal as when you’re in a car on the motorway doing the same speed as the car in the lane next to you. Your speed, relative to the car next to you, is the same, so it appears you’re both standing still.

But you’re not stopping here. On you go vibrating faster and faster beyond the speed of light toward the speed of light times the speed of light. Now you’re seeing the things that the light illuminated yesterday.

From your imagined perspective this gives the illusion that time and space are running backwards, your life, your birth, our history, dinosaurs, the forming of our planet, our universe, all the way back to the moment before the massive expansion our scientists call the Big Bang.

Here all the matter that had formed the Universe has been compacted into a place where its particles can not become any smaller.

Here you are a quantum particle. You consist of only one thing … and to take a measurement in time or space requires two points of reference, here there is only one, here time and space can not be measured, here they do not exist.

Whether you perceive yourself as an individual quantum particle or as the mass of the infinite number of quantum particles that had previously formed all the matter in our Universe, your fundamental characteristic remains the same, for you time and space does not exist.

Let’s spend a moment here, we’ll be leaving soon enough!

Self Portrait by Vaughn

(When a thought disturbs the timeless spaceless unity you sense when you’re meditating, in an instant the 3-dimensional reality of time and space floods in … maybe something similar sparked the process we know as the Big Bang.)

In an instant the quantum particle expands, pulling its combined mass with it.

This expansion generates great heat that welds some of the particles together creating the 3-dimensional matter from which measurements can be taken.

Time, space, our history, our story, has begun.

Almost 14 billion years later some of the quantum particles have welded themselves together to become the elements and compounds, the stars and planets and, against all odds, the highly evolved life form that is you … but here’s the thing … flowing through you and everything else in the Universe, permeating it all, connecting it all, is that same quantum particle which existed the moment before the Big Bang … and its unifying characteris- !3 tic remains the same … within them time and space do not exist … and they permeate everything.

Here’s where you have to do some lateral thinking.

If the quantum particle connects you to all the yous you’ve ever been or ever will be then what would be the point of memory being stored in your brain?

Your brain is an interface with quantum waves/particles that connect you to actual events in your pasts and futures. It is not a closed repository of stored information.

These quantum waves collapse upon observation in your brain becoming your thoughts, memories and dreams. They spark you into action with flashes of intuition, or make you wonder at the chance of coincidence with spooky instances of synchronicity. They stop you in your tracks with moments of déjà vu or reduce you to tears with simple acts of unconditional love.

Because these events are viewed in your brain your ego persuades you that that’s where they’re stored thus reinforcing its dominance and the illusion that you are separate from the Universe … but research it for yourself. Google “How and where is memory stored in the brain?”

When you do you’ll find page after page of fine fellows with streams of letters following their names each with grand ideas gleaned from years of study … but not one of them will be able to tell you, categorically, where and how memory is stored in the brain … because none of them know.

Just consider the potential of the physics-based theory I’ve just outlined, its implications are literally mind-expanding!

Your connection to the whole through quantum waves accounts for all manner of metaphysical conundrums; ghosts, auras, reincarnation, even God, (which we’ll come to presently,) and when the brain’s ability to interface with the quantum waves is compromised by disease, drugs or trauma, as seen in Alzheimer's sufferers, then loss of memory or hallucinations ensue.

The thought, that memory isn’t stored in your brain but that actual events are accessed through quantum waves/particles, prompts you to imagine that ‘WOW’ I’m connected to the Universe … but when you consider yourself from the only other perspective you’ll see yourself to be something much much more … that you are the Universe experiencing life as a human.

Maze by Vaughn

Well - that’s the science side of the theory, which I call The Vaccine For Life.

You’ll have noticed that The Vaccine comes pretty close to the spiritual … and that’s its beauty.

The Vaccine unites everyone, all of us; the scientific, the religious and the spiritual, allowing all practitioners to follow their specific calling but uniting us all at a fundamental level.

The Vaccine doesn’t alter the elegantly intricate picture that we experience as the tapestry of life.

It doesn’t attempt to subdue the tapestry's kaleidoscope of wonderful colours.

The Vaccine is simply the thread that weaves the whole thing together.


So let's use The Vaccine to explain some of the metaphysical conundrums we create by taking the perspective that we’re separate from the whole.

We humans dull the vibrational frequency of the quantum particles that permeate our bodies with all the negative aspects of our character; jealousy, hatred, pride, greed … you know what I’m talking about.

Spiritual practitioners are sensitive to frequencies associated with their specific calling.

Meditation, Prayer

When you put your psychological baggage to one side, the frequency of the quantum particles that permeate your being comes closer to that of the purity of the whole.

In this state your subconscious has a clearer connection to all the ‘yous’ that are on quantum reconnaissance missions in all your possible futures, one of which will be the the best path to facilitate the evolution of your consciousness.

Post-meditation the future version of you who’s on your positive future path sends the now version of you signs and pointers to help you towards that future. These signs manifest themselves to you as instances of synchronicity, intuition, inspiration etcetera. These signs are tricky to recognise once you’re back in the humdrum reality of everyday existence, where your ego preoccupies and distracts you at every possible opportunity.

The Evolution of Consciousness, Soul Family, Past Lives

However much it might sometimes feel that you’re alone in this work, you’re not!

Other beings, regardless of gender, throughout time and space, share their wisdom with you. Their frequency has reached the same wavelength as yours in their evolutionary journey. They are your soul family.

This information subtly manifests itself to you as synchronicity, déjà vu, intuition or past life regressions.

Religion by Vaughn


Now there’s a contentious word.

Quantum particles connect you to all things. At least that’s the angle your ego will have you believe, thus keeping you separate from the truth that sets you free.

All you need do is flip that assumption.

You are The Universe experiencing life as a human - You are God - What more could you ever want or need to be?

You just have to learn how to deal with it!


That’s a simple one! You are The Universe experiencing life as a human.

Sure, your human will die but you are The Universe, you reincarnate into your next appropriate vessel, maybe not even human, continuing the evolution of your consciousness from where your previous incarnation left off.

The Paradigm Shift

Your evolution of consciousness must be just that … yours. You have to experience it for yourself within yourself.

That said, our culture has lost its way.

It has nothing to believe in and is heading for the abyss. So it needs a little help.

Sure we could allow the Armageddon scenario that’s currently playing out in this dimension to run its course as an example to other dimensions of what not to do.

But if you don’t want the Armageddon scenario to play out then you just choose a future where it doesn’t! (Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle.)

Although to get to that future before it’s too late we’re going to have to speed things up, we need a paradigm shift, a mass evolution of consciousness, and that’s why I came up with The Vaccine For Life

Clown by Vaughn


The Vaccine is simply a thought … That memory isn’t stored in your brain. That you access actual events in your pasts and futures through waves of quantum particles.

Once you think that thought you’ll begin to dwell on it and elaborate on it.

You’ll come to notice how it answers all manner of intimate personal questions and from there it will expand your mind into the understanding that you are The Universe experiencing life as a human … and that is how your consciousness evolves.

The Vaccine is simple, free and accessible. There’s no need for books or courses or to call any one man master.

Please share it at every opportunity.